Excellent Ring with Fair Price​

Venus Paris was born in 2021 in Paris, France. During my Master’s study (Marketing & Brand Management) in Paris, I decided to launch a fashion jewelry brand. To offer nice rings of excellent quality and not expensive price to women and men. I do everything to offer jewelry that resists long periods of time, that presents the simple and trendy style, which can be worn on all occasions and which accompanies you every day.


The Inspirations

My friends, the girls in the street in Paris, book store, the Parisian café, fashion week, exhibitions, everything is a source of inspiration. With the stylists, we try to offer rings that are easy to wear, in tune with the times, that have a crazy allure and a real identity.

The Women of Venus Paris

The Venus Paris woman is in love with freedom, daring, creative and independence. She’s a working-girl, a mother, a lover. She has her style and refuses to be a fashion caricature.

Artistic Process

If Venus Paris rings stand out from the crown, it’s because they are made by hand, by artisans. 
Each piece is unique, which is what gives them “that little extra soul”
To make a piece of jewelry with us you need:
– Gold plated (3 microns, 18 carats), is what guarantees the longevity of the luster of jewelry.
-Selected high-quality silver to ensure the sturdiness of jewelry
-Mount and add the last details: stones.
– Between each step, a meticulous quality control.
-To support you on a daily basis.
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